Accessory Tray for the Schweizer 1-35c Glider
Designed by S. Steve Adkins, Minnesota
[Created 4/21/2003 ... updated 5/17/2005]

Synopsis: An accessory tray which carries three essential items for badge and contest flights.

Below is version 2 of an accessory tray which will fit on the shelf behind the spar of the Schweizer 1-35c Glider.  This tray holds ... battery ... CamelbaK water bag ... and, barograph.  This location moves the water behind the center of gravity (good for heavy pilots).  The barograph is inaccessible during flight (meeting SSA rules).  Two size batteries are shown (the smaller one was removed from a self-starting lawnmower).

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The tray was built entirely out of scrap sheet aluminum and aluminum rivets (some of this from Control Data Corp. nee Ceridian and General Dynamics).  Testing has been performed to 20 Gs positive and 2 Gs negative (for barograph and water bag).  The battery must be held to the glider shelf with a sufficient restraint to meet 3 Gs negative for the total weight of the tray with all accessories (this strap also holds the accessory tray in place.
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As you will note in this view, the accessory tray fits snugly between the sides of the shelf (slides in with a snick). 

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Since these photos were taken, the end of the water bag shelf has been reduced in length providing sufficient clearance between the tray and rear glider hatch ... view 1 ... view 2
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Dimensions 4.5 x 9 x 19 inches
Bag (upper) tray length 15.5 inches
Tray weight 11 oz
Water weight 4 lbs  7 oz
Large battery 7 lbs
Small battery 2 lbs   10 oz
Strength testing +5 Gs - 2 Gs
I suppose someone has something much better, simpler, elegant, etc.  If so, drop me a line.
To Contact:  Steve Adkins
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