Ice-Gripping Footwear for Iceboating
... and Some Leather Mittens

All photos by S. Steve Adkins except where noted
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  [Updated 3-8-2006]

These have been sold most recently by Fleet Farm for $16.  Also Gander Mountain.

    Used both the Stabilicers and Axeman mittend for two seasons.  They are both great.

A search for ice-gripping footwear has finally resulted in success.   The purchase of my DN iceboat included some rubber stretch-on ice-grippers that really didn't fit on my boots, felt uncomfortable due to the tight fit and quickly tore under the stress.  Jury rigged cord to tie them on didn't really solve the problem.  Also, they didn't get really good traction.  My next solution was screwing appliance screws into the soles of my boots.  The screws tended to work out requiring frequent replacement.  Also, the screws aren't removable for  driving, walking on concrete, in the house, etc.  Thus, the octagonal screw heads quickly became dull.  I found some fairly good looking ice-grippers at Gallyans with replaceable tungsten studs.  But they were stretch-on rubber and didn't have my size.

The Stabilicers® seem to be the solution.  Heady-duty velcro-adjustable straps allow the unit to fit a variety of boots while being fastened securely.  They can be quickly installed and removed.  I bought these over the Internet.

(To jump to some mittens with internal fingers)

Stabilicers® bite into ice to give you traction you can depend on. Used by postal workers, they're built with the toughness of a boot or river sandals, they will last a lifetime.  

Put them on quickly and securely with adjustable Velcro faced nylon web straps. Flexible, abrasion resistant Vibram® soles have a self cleaning tread pattern and specially hardened, replaceable cleats that grip even on glare ice. Adjustable straps.

  Photo by Plow&Hearth
These items can be ordered from:  
Link to Plow&Hearth home page ... click above 

Stabilicers® Item - # 4600  click for catalog item 

Replacement Stabilicers® Cleats - Item # 4615  

The Stabilicers® come in a variety of sizes.  I bought XL which fit the size 14 boots perfectly ... so the size chart seems accurate.

Stabilicers®  installed on my boot (Columbia)
Note the Vibram® soles
As Shown below, the screws have a convex head with an extremely sharp edge.  Careful, don't cut your finger testing them.  This circular edge provides a large linear surface to grip the ice.
Shown below, in addition to the toe loop being adjustable there are two loops to run the strap through further accommodating your fitting preference.
Axeman Gloves  ...
Leather allows a durable, strong grip of the sheet while avoiding cold fingers

Internal Fingers Give This Mitten Better Dexterity  
Axeman Gloves have internal fingers that provide extra warmth and make it easier to grip or grab. They also wick moisture away from skin, so hands stay drier and warmer.  

Durable, wind-resistant cowhide outers and a thermal lining insulate even in bitter cold. Imported.  

I wear thin silk gloves under these for extra warmth and to provide warmth while installing DN fittings or drinking Schnapps with mittens off.  REI has excellent thin gloves.

Photo by Plow&Hearth
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