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Maps to our lakes  
Black Ice - Cedar Lake
Misc. Iceboating Photos  
Iceboat Refurbishment 
Building a new plank
Building a trailer
Runner alignment 
Runner Sharpening 
Official DN webpage 
Ice Cleats and Mittens 

DN Iceboat Related: 
... IDNIYRA, International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association ...
... The DN Iceboat by Dan Daller - DN US 46 ... Huge list of excellent DN articles on Sailing, construction, safety and basic "how to" ...  Official Specifications and Interpretations for the DN ... 14 pages in PDF format ... Short overview and spec's ... Step by Step process to build/Cost to build a DN ... great photos

Other Iceboat Information: ... The fast and the frosted, Speed Records By DAN EGAN, fastest naturally powered human  ... Roger Gilmore's main webpage  ... Gilmore's Ice Rowing Concept ... Ice Flyer ...  Video:  ... A cheap easy to build iceboat ... Hot sailing for Cool Young Sailers

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My Other webpages:
Wright Flyer 1903  Reproduction Project
Experimental Soaring Association  ... was the Sailplane Homebuilders Association  
Carbon Dragon Technical Website
Java Script Scrambler
Note-Able Singers
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