Refurbishing a DN Iceboat
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Note: Late in the season of 2003,
I purchased this iceboat from
Dave Klatt
the craftsman and builder. 
Dave built this iceboat circa 1992.

Refurbishment included:
- Repair or fill all dings.  Sand surface.
- Refinish the boat and seal with poly
- Glue loose carpet down
- Cut out foot rest to lengthen cockpit
- Add carpet and alum angle to toe rest
- Install guide tube inside mast
- Tighten all fittings on boat and mast
- Replace screws where indicated
- Build epoxy fillet in base of cockpit
- Check runner alignment
- Sharpen runners
- Sew velcro to new back rest cushion
- Add spare pins to fittings

And, finish building custom trailer

After several seasons of use, the boat required
some normal maintenance and refurbishment

The result!

Guide for line added to mast.
The line for raising the sail was getting pinched between
the aluminum boom and an internal wooden strengthener.
A later modification replaced this small tube with
a larger PCV tube with an internal diameter of 1.5 inches.

Two styles of pins.
An easy way to keep a couple of spares handy.

After:  My size 14 boots interfered with tiller movement. 
I agonized over cutting the original footrest out.

Before:  By removing the Footrest, I was able to move my
toes closer to the pivot point; thus, less interference

Custom trailer ... box holds everything.  Wiring integral to box.

Note: Mast extends into nose box.  The nose box helps to
stiffen the very long trailer tongue.

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Jim Wood sharpening my runners in his shop

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