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[Updated 19 February 2014]
Note: This website has been dormant for several years. 
(Even though dormant, this site gets over 100 visits per week!)
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The "Official" website    The "Official" website
(See more detail about Philip below photo)

Interest in building the Carbon Dragon continues.  While the design concept is decades old,
the world has yet to produce another sailplane capable of exploiting extremely weak lift or Microlift.

Carbon Dragon, Pilot: Gary Osoba, Photo by S. Steve Adkins
Prototype Carbon Dragon built by Jim Maupin
Owned by Gary Osoba, Kansas
This photo was shot by S. Steve Adkins through the moon roof of Gary Osoba's tow vehicle.
Steve auto-towed Gary to a height of about 300 feet.
Location: Harris Hill just outside Elmira, New York

To perform the tow, we used 750 feet of line (we started with 1000 feet).
The weak link was two strands of heavy cord (almost string).
No wing runner required, an arm out the side can level the wings!
The tow vehicle is driven down the 1000 foot paved runway ...
and off into the grass and down the hill turning and stopping just before the drop off.

Years earlier, a man died performing a similar auto tow.
He drove off the cliff of Harris Hill.
I didn't find this out until years later.
                                                       S. Steve Adkins

Philip Lardner, located in Ireland, has assumed responsibility
for maintaining a current website and forum for builders of the
Carbon Dragon Ultralight Sailplane

Philip is doing a great job.

Since Philip has become active ... visits to this website have rocketed!
These visits are due to the popularity of Philip's website and a link back to this website.
Visits: over 200 per week
(Total visits: over 160,000 since inception.)

Generally, anything of importance on this website
can be found on Philip's website.
But feel free to scrounge around.

Two new items added Friday, 3 February 2012:

Carbon Dragon - polar diagram and velocity diagram (flight envelope) 
Gary Osoba - one page test flight 

Carbon DragonTehachapi
A website dedicated to builders of the Carbon Dragon sailplane designed by the late Jim Maupin.
Permission to use this photo from the Maupin family.

Note: Plans are no longer available.  Best sources are ebay, Ultralight Soaring and 
Also, ...
This site is for builders and pilots to share info about the Carbon Dragon.

Do NOT contact me for plans ... I can not give any additional tips or help in obtaining plans.

I do not have Carbon Dragon plans
I am no longer building a Carbon Dragon
  I lack the skills to redesign and build a Carbon Dragon to fly at my weight.
I am insanely jealous of people who fly microlift gliders ... see my entry:
(Note: This Wiki entry was updated by Gary Osoba, the owner of Jim Maupin's prototype Carbon Dragon)

1. ... my current project

2.  Newest builder that I know of:  Wayne Byal 

2.  Last known contact information for Brian Davis:    

3.  Help! ... does anyone know how to reach Stephane Abbot via phone, email or snail mail?
Here are some photos of his project ... more to be added in about a month:

Breaking News ...
09-27-2005: Jonathoan Pitt just sent me a few photos demonstrating his excellent quality of worksmanship.  Jonathan reports that Yasushi Akahori in Japan has finished his wings and is now starting on the pod and is up against Jim’s famous pod building instructions, “Building the pilot pod seems to be pretty self-explanatory.”

Click on the photo to see some increcible detail (best viewed by downloading and viewing in a view or image software which allows zooming in and shifting across the image.   Other photos:    Photo1    Photo2   Sketch1   Sketch2 

Hi Steve,

Just thought I'd let you know that I've now completed the first UK homebuilt Carbon Dragon.  Waiting on the Uk weather for the first test flight.  Final finished weight 159 pounds.

Ozzie Haynes,  E Sussex. BN8


Recently  I have had tremendous  support and generosity from Ozzie Haynes who I believe is the 1st British / UK builder.

Link to huge photos submitted by Alan Sayers

Regards, Alan Sayers
Grange over Sands, Cumbria, England UK

Webpage author: S. Steve Adkins
Hard water sailing ... Iceboating
    Something to do in the winter
    "Build in the summer ... Sail in the winter"
                                           Jim Woods
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Detailed comparison:  Carbon Dragon,   
                 Monarch and Super Floater  

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions  
Contest for highest serial number of plans   
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New Website:  by Stéphane Abbet  


Builders Manual:
The electronic version of the Carbon Dragon Builders Manual
by Brian Davis

is now available for download on this website:
builders_manual.doc  size: 2.602 megabytes  size: 1.9999 megabytes
Right-Click on the format of your choice, 
      ... then select "Save target as"

Purpose: This website was created to gather and share information about building and flying  the Carbon Dragon sailplane.  This includes derivations from the original prototype.  Jim Maupin always stated that his goal was for the design to lead to refinements and improvements.  

Introduction: The Carbon Dragon is an ultralight, high performance glider.  This glider was conceived by Jim Maupin who also designed the famous Woodstock sailplane and the Windrose motorglider.  Jim received encouragement from Irv Culver, who promised to "run the numbers".   As a result, Jim Maupin with an assist from co-designer Irv Culver, produced an exciting sailplane for  473 plan sets have been sold.   The detailed plans were drawn by Bill Baker whom Maupin described as, "...  a fellow home builder and consummate draftsman."  Many people, who have flown the prototype, have commented on its excellent handling. 


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