First Flight
Bill Brown, EAA Chapter 25
Sonex N259WB

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A very happy wife, Sue, hands over the record of the first flight to Bill Brown who just made in first flight in the Sonex.  

Note: This is Bill's third project with an RV being one of his earlier projects  

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New photo from Bill Brown

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By S. Steve Adkins
Lee Hurry, Harvey Havir and I watched Bill Brown fit a new canopy on his newly built Sonex.  As Bill was placing the final pop-rivets in place, his wife Sue showed up.  Lee, Harvey and I knew something was up.  Yes.  Seconds after the final rivet was in place, Bill asked us to open the door to roll out the Sonex.  Lee, Harvey and I had been adding insulation to the upper part of the hangar door.  Luckily, none of us fell off the ladder onto the Sonex.  Ron Oehler, who was there earlier, had to leave before the excitement started.

Without any dramatics, Bill completed a ground inspection, fired up the Jabiru which had an authoritative "bark", taxied out, performed a pre-takeoff checklist and then headed down the runway for a crisp takeoff.  Climb-out was very dramatic with Bill reporting 3500 MSL over the field in no time at all.  We were able to observe Bill work his way through his check-list for the flight ... slow flight, flaps, etc.  After landing, he reported completing his checklist.

Sue, Bill's wife, was the ground monitor handling the radio and clip board to log pronouncements of speed, handling, engine temps, etc.  

In my attempt to get a close shot of the landing, Metro came by in their massive yellow truck and nicely indicated I was violating FAA rules with a possible $10,000 fine.  Without a telephoto lens, I didn't get the shots desired; plus, my battery went dead on my digital camera.  The shots below are from a disposable camera I always carry in my car.

All photos by S. Steve Adkins
All photos taken after the flight (except for two hangar shots)
Congratulations from a happy wife
Holding off for a perfect 3-point landing
Taxiing up to Chapter 25 hangar apron
Perfect 3-point landing
Let's close that canopy
Happy witnesses Harvey Havir, Sue, Lee Hurry and 
Steve Adkins (not shown) ... Sonex on taxi way
Turning off main taxi way
Was this the fly-by or final?
Flight debrief
Debrief continues, Chapter 25 Hangar to the right
Lee and Harvey perched precariously over the Sonex with
Bill Brown leaning over the wing below
... ditto ...
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